How it Works?

A payday loan from PaydayKing gives you money and peace of mind - just when you need them most!

PaydayKing gives you financial freedom – from a surprise weekend away to paying for a plumbing emergency just before payday!

How do I get a payday loan?

Borrowing from Payday King is fast and easy! We give online decisions, without the need for faxes or mail.

You are just a few minutes away from your payday loan!!

All you need to do is:

  • Fill in our fast and easy application form and press “Submit”
  • Upon submitting all the required information, you will be notified within an hour whether you have been approved for a loan.
  • Once you’ve been approved, we will email you a Sign URL link, User ID and Password. Click on the Sign URL link. You will be transferred to a secure web page, where you will be able to login and sign two documents electronically.
  • You have to sign both documents: a Loan Agreement and a PAD agreement online.
  • Once we have received both of your electronically signed agreements, we will then either: a) electronically deposit your loan funds into your bank account the same business day, or b) send you your loan funds via an Email Money Transfer (EMT).
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* Occasionally we will be unable to confirm all details automatically. Should this be the case we will ask you to fax us simple documentation before we are able to approve your loan.

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How do I repay my loan?

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